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Graphics Professional Training

Are you a small business owner who sells products online, or a graphic artist or web designer whose clients expect you to work miracles with their poorly composed, out of focus images?

Spool-up fast from an experienced professional image creator and get the training to push your photo quality up near the stratosphere and Bill them for your services.

Photography Training for Interior Designers, Graphic Artists, E-publishers, and Web Designers.  Everyone in these creative fields could benefit from professional photography coaching. Sylvester Garza can teach you the best camera angles, repeatable lighting techniques , and file handling to create usable interior/exterior environment shots, flattering product/people images, plus getting the perfect image that stock photography can’t provide. Even if you don’t own a camera and just want to be to converse intelligently with imaging professional’s to meet the needs of your projects .. I can help.


icon-training_If you are interested in taking your digital photography skill’s up a notch, then call me to schedule a complimentary  phone consultation.– 713.957,2777 or Click here to send an email to inquire about Photography Training.  Thank you for your interest in my training services

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