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Sylvester Garza

With over twenty years of experience, Houston’s premier photographer Sylvester Garza offers dynamic technical expertise keeping with current trends and advances in the world of digital photography.

Garza has used his experience and creative problem solving skills for a vast number of Houston-area businesses and in a variety of unique photography settings.

His services include Art Direction and the Tethered Photographic Technique (TPT), which give the advantage of an instant view of each image taken. TPT gives the client an opportunity to discuss and critically review photos and images during the process of each photography session. Through his professionally trained critical and expert eye, Garza gives special attention to body language, camera angles and elements within the scene for event and portrait settings.

For  photography of products & things from food to architecture, he focuses on identifying the best view of the object using selective camera angles, lenses and adjusts intensities of highlights and shadow placement. These elements, including specific crop requirements, are discussed with the Client/AD to ensure that each image meets the specific needs of the project.

Sylvester Garza also works independently throughout the United States as a corporate photographer. His amiable personality creates an atmosphere of comfort and ease, allowing the client to relax, confident that all their photography needs are captured by an experienced eye.

From executive to environmental portraiture and illustration of products and services, Sylvester Garza has the people and time management skills as well as the lighting and photographic expertise to get the project done on time and on budget. His other extensive experiences include end use applications such as annual reports, print collateral and websites.

Professional photographer Sylvester Garza brings his creative vision to your project so you can enjoy the next level of success.

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