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Are you an eBay Seller, individual business owner or photo enthusiast/hobbyist who wants to take better, higher quality pictures?

Get out of your wishful thinking rut. Let me show you not only how to take better pictures but how to make the most of every click and take your photography quality to the next level. The process: you complete a questionnaire, which becomes a personalized lesson plan for you, your camera and your goals. Whether you are looking for camera training, photography critique, a creative mentor or a technical resource, private training is the most efficient way to learn and progress quickly.  I  also provide  coaching/mentoring services on improving and/or starting your own photography business.

Learning to use the Camera menu can be confusing  I can teach you what each setting does and how it supports your style of photography.

Arguably, the best way to learn a new skill is to find a top-notch practioner of that skill and take private lessons. This thought process is an accepted methodology in the world of sports especially relating to tennis & golf and the respective tennis and golf “pros” who analyze and support the objectives of their clients.

It’s no secret that top executives have been utilizing coaches for many years now to improve personal performance and/or effectiveness relating to a broad range of business objectives. A coach helps define an objective and set up a plan whereby the coachee receives all the benefits of the Coaches expertise . . . in a concentrated, one on one fashion.  Garza Professional Photography Coaching addresses the technical and creative aspects of digital photography as well as photography business acumen. This includes but is not limited to, lenses, optics, file format, available lighting, studio lighting, photographing difficult products or subjects, intelligent & efficient post production work flow and the list goes on.  My Photography business coaching can support you in shifting from where you are,  to where you want to be.

icon-training_If you are interested in taking your digital photography skill up a notch or two,  or discuss your business objectives . .. then call me to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.– 713.957,2777 or Click here to send an email.  Thank you for your interest in my coaching services

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